Assessment of Teaching

The CICT program has provided ample opportunities to assess my teaching. Here I will discuss the ways I have evaluated my teaching and provide links to the specific feedback.

Videoed Teaching Consultations: In January and March of 2019, I took video clips of pre-lab presentations for an introductory environmental science lab. The purpose of these presentations is to introduce the topics and assignments to be completed in the lab: population modeling, literature review, and data analysis. In this course, the content and materials were provided to me by the instructor and my role was to deliver the content and facilitate the lab activities. Based on my video observations, I made notes and created Teaching Improvement Plans (links below).

Teaching Improvement Plan_1

Teaching Improvement Plan_2


Course Observation: During the January 2019 video teaching consultation, I also completed a course observation. I asked a lead graduate assistant in my department who has ample experience teaching undergraduate environmental science labs to observe my class and give feedback.

Course Observation Feedback Form

Letter from Course Observer


Mid-Quarter Review: For this assessment, an associate from the Office of Academic Innovation talked to my students about ways that I could improve my teaching practices. This took place during week four of a ten week lab course. The feedback provided helped me identify specific areas for improvement, such as giving directions more clearly, quickly, and thoroughly, being more confident, and restructuring the lab schedule.

Mid-Quarter Review Summary

“Thank you for being available and accommodating.” – email comment from undergraduate student