Future in College Teaching

IMG_20171231_152241I will be finishing my PhD in the fall of 2020 and am currently seeking employment. I decided to pursue a PhD because I wanted to teach full time at the college level. My ideal job would be a faculty position at a PUI (primarily undergraduate institution) where my main duties are teaching, curriculum development, and potentially conducting research with undergraduates. With the ever-changing job market, and the personal growth I experienced during my PhD, I have decided to also pursue other career avenues in sectors outside of academia, such as government, non-profits, and/or consulting. My goal is to have a career where I can: do meaningful work that contributes to environmental sustainability; apply my scientific expertise and soft skills to solving real world problems; work in a collaborative environment; and utilize my passion for teaching to provide educational opportunities to diverse communities. There are many work environments that will allow me to meet these goals, including a PUI, and I am currently exploring my options to find the right fit.