Professional Development Experience

Graduate Student Mini-Conferences, PSU Office of Academic Innovation
Interdisciplinary Connections [5 hours], Jan. 2020
Teaching Innovations: Transitions and Transformations in Higher Education [8 hours], Oct. 2019
Innovating for a Brighter Tomorrow [8 hours], May 2019
Building Community in the 21st Century [8 hours], Jan. 2019
Wellness in your Professional Life [8 hours], Sept. 2018
Professionalizing for Academia and Beyond [8 hours], May 2018
Preparing Future Faculty [8 hours], Feb. 2018

Reproducible Data Analysis in R [1 credit], Spring 2019
Professional Development for PSU Teaching Assistants [1 credit], Spring 2018
Univariate/Multivariate Data Analysis in R [4 credits each], Winter 2017
Introduction to GIS, [4 credits], Winter 2017
Science Communication/Advanced Science Communication [1 credit each], Fall 2015/Winter 2016

Speed Interviewing: Practice Your Interview Skills [2 hours], PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions, May 2019
Writing a Teaching Philosophy [2 hours], PSU Office of Academic Innovation, Dec. 2018
Telling your Professional Story in Multiple Contexts [2 hours], PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Jan. 2018

Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Aug. 2017 & 2020
Oregon State of the Coast Conference, Oct. 2016, Oct. 2017 & Nov. 2019
Pacific NW Chapter of the Society for Ecological Toxicology and Chemistry, April 2019
Western Society of Naturalists, Nov. 2016 & 2018
Oregon Conference on Opioids, May 2018
Ocean Sciences Meeting, Feb. 2018