My research focuses on occurrence, effects, and public knowledge of pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs) in the marine environment. For my dissertation, I completed three research studies in the field, lab and community to investigate these topics. First, I examined PPCP accumulation in organisms placed near and far from wastewater sources in locations with low human populations in Oregon and Washington. Second, I conducted a lab experiment to determine effects of mixtures of PPCPs in coastal wastewater effluent on organism health. Lastly, I used surveys and interviews with pharmacy customers and pharmacists to determine leftover drug disposal behaviors and recommendations.



Ehrhart AL, Granek EF. 2021. Pharmaceuticals and alkylphenols in transplanted Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas): Spatial variation and growth effects. Marine Pollution Bulletin 170:112584

Ehrhart, AL, Granek EF, Nielsen-Pincus, M & Horn, D. 2020. Leftover drug disposal: customer behavior, pharmacist recommendations, and obstacles to drug take-back box implementation. Waste Management 118: 416-425.